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Beit Yad Labanim in Netanya commemorates and preserves the memory of the IDF fallen soldiers who were residents of Netanya.


  • Expanding memory and commemoration endeavors
  • Raising the awareness of Netanya residents to the Yad Labanim site, its nature and purpose
  • Expanding the educational activity for school students and youth movement members
  • Organizing tours, study days, and workshops for municipality units and public organizations

Activities at the branch

The branch runs a cultural and leisure club for the benefit of the bereaved families, including a library with a wide variety of books, board games for the members, and a fully-equipped lecture room. 

The branch hosts lectures (twice weekly), a computer club, and an exercise group which combines Pilates and yoga.

As part of its working plan regarding heritage, the branch holds a monthly ceremony to commemorate the fallen of Israel’s wars who lived in the city, who died in the said month. The ceremony is run by students from the schools (a different school each time) and thus the branch forges a bond between the young people and the bereaved families and love of the land.

Return to activities at the branch

Within the framework of returning to regular life, Yad Labanim Netanya, headed by Danny Avrahami, together with the committee members, have resumed the activities at the branch.

During the COVID-19 period, when the activities stopped, the branch made sure to maintain telephone contact with its members. It also distributed a memorial candle, bouquet, a beautiful book of Psalms with a dedication to the IDF fallen soldiers, and a personal letter to its members on the Memorial Day for Israel's Fallen Soldiers.

Now that the activities have resumed, the branch is preparing to begin the monthly memorial ceremonies again, and also is renewing the national commemoration project with memorial albums for the fallen.


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