Elementary Education

​The elementary education system in Netanya includes 53 elementary schools, including educational institutions in the State, State Religious (Hemed), State Haredi (Mamah) and “unofficial but recognized” (Mukhshar) streams. Each school is distinct in its own special way. Netanya schools are leaders on both the regional and national level in both their academic achievements and best possible study climate. 

The city’s elementary schools are part of the Educational Domains program to promote uniqueness and controlled parental choice. The program enables every school to develop its individuality and every parent to choose the school suitable for his or her child from the schools in the domain of their residence. Likewise, there are specialty schools not associated with a specific catchment area, such as the Rabin Sports and Team School, the Dora Arts Campus, the Nordau Campus for Excellence, and the Yigal Allon Young Music Academy.

The school principals enjoy administrative autonomy, and are partners in creating and developing innovative pedagogic and social programs together with the Education Administration, the Ministry of Education Inspectorate, and parental leadership.

The students enjoy a large range of activities offering enrichment, arts and crafts, and exciting experiences, and are able to study in innovative, state-of-the-art learning environments adapted for the twenty-first century student. 

A special emphasis is placed in the department on absorption of new immigrant students, and Netanya serves as a national model for this issue.


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