Heychal Hatarbut Association

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The Netanya municipal Heychal Hatarbut Association was founded in 1988 and is the body which initiates and operates a variety of programs in the fields of theater, music, plastic arts, cinema, dance, and more.

The Heychal Hatarbut Association is a municipal association, serving as the municipal authority’s arm for managing the entire area of culture, arts, and events in Netanya.

The association is administered by a general meeting of the Administration Committee, with the mayor serving as chair of the association. The association’s policies and plans are determined and designed by these bodies, which include representatives of the municipality and of the public.

Association activity

According to the association’s regulations, its establishment and operation are intended to enable the following activities:

To hold and manage cultural activities at the Netanya Heychal Hatarbut and its associated amphitheater, in regard to both its artistic and administrative administration.

To manage non-profit enterprises, such as: restaurants, recreation areas, sporting facilities, and other enterprises connected with and/ or accompanying and/ or subordinate to the Netanya Heychal Hatarbut. All revenues from these enterprises will be invested, and will be used for managing activities at Heychal Hatarbut in accordance with the association’s goals.

To coordinate between the various cultural bodies in the city, for the benefit of Netanya residents and visitors.

To plan and develop cultural activities at Heychal Hatarbut in the areas of theater, music, dance, plastic arts, etc.

To hold various activities for advancing culture at the Netanya Heychal Hatarbut and its associated amphitheater, such as events, research, publicity, and any activity which benefits the association and its goals, whether directly or indirectly.

All the aforementioned is subject to the municipality’s authority.

Association goals

Encouraging consumption and the greatest possible exposure of the public to theater, music, dance, plastic arts, and cinema.

Bringing new and distant (geographically, psychologically) population sectors to activities at the Heychal, including the educational sector.

Encouraging local creativity and development of local culture, with the emphasis on dance, music, singing, and plastic arts.

The broadest possible distribution of activities in the various fields of culture.

Maximizing the use and operation of the Heychal Hatarbut buildings and the structures used for culture in the city (art galleries, the amphitheater, and the promenade).

Initiating innovative and multidisciplinary projects which include broad population sectors (such as International Women’s Month).

Developing an educational musical system on a city level, in association with the education system and the community centers.

Developing a compreh​ensive and long-term view regarding culture, with reference to urban development and the city’s needs, and the greatest possible exploitation of its relative advantages.

Developing additional cultural sites and areas in the city (such as a museum).

Establishing professional cultural and art bodies (such as an orchestra).

Accessibility arrangements at the site

  • Accessible parking – yes
  • Accessible entrances and exits – yes
  • Accessible bathrooms – yes
  • Elevator (lift) – yes
  • Accessible service point – yes