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​The Netanya Municipality (hereinafter “Netanya Municipality” or “the Municipality”) honors the privacy of the users of the app which it manages and operates (hereinafter: the App). These conditions will inform you about the privacy policy for the App. They discuss, among other issues, the way in which the Netanya Municipality uses the information provided to it by users of the App, or which was collected by it during use of the App. Use of the App in general or the services and content included in it, testifies to your agreement with this privacy policy (hereinafter: Privacy Policy). 

If, after having read the policy, you find it does not conform to your outlook or wishes, you must not use the App. We will be sorry about that, but that is your right. At any time, you may turn to the director of the database at our company, at [email protected], regarding any request or question in relation to this policy. This policy is written in the masculine solely for purposes of convenience, but it refers, of course, also to you - women.


We offer you information regarding activities by the Municipality and the possibility of carrying out operations using the App.

The App serves as a platform for making available information about activities by the Municipality. The App can also be used to carry out operations such as payments, inquiries regarding refunding credit balances for the arnona (city taxes) etc.

In order to contact the Municipality using the App or to carry out a particular operation using the App, you must provide the required personal details. This Policy informs you about the information we collect, what we do with the information, who we share it with, as well as additional aspects regarding it.

Providing details

To communicate with us and to carry out certain actions with the App, you need to provide only minimal essential details.

When performing certain actions with the App, you may be required to provide us with personal details. Thus, for example, when contacting us on the page “Contact Us – Public Inquiries”, you will be asked to provide personal details, including your first name, surname, email address, telephone number, and information regarding your inquiry. The marked fields must be filled in. Without providing the requested details in the required fields, you cannot use these services. 

You must supply only correct, exact, and full details. By law, you are not required to provide the details; however, incorrect details or failing to provide all the required details may prevent you from using the App services, impair the quality of the service you receive, including preventing the completion of carrying out your inquiry, or also impair the ability to contact you.

We condemn anyone who attempts to impersonate someone else or to provide misleading details. Therefore, you declare that all the details with which you supplied us are true and accurate.

To pay for other services using the App, we will again require your personal details as well as your credit card number. Please note – the details of your means of payment are dealt with directly by the clearing company and not by us. We do not receive the details of your means of payment, nor do we keep them.

From time to time, we may request more details from you so as to allow performance of a particular service. Thus, for example, when turning to us with a particular request, we may ask you for additional details regarding your request.

The information which we collect​

We collect the information with which you provide us, and information about your App activity.

As noted, we collect the information with which you provide us when using the App. Aside from the information with which you provide us when using the App, like most of the internet apps, our computer servers record data regarding the activity of the App users, such as the pages viewed, how long they were active on the App, type of content viewed, operations performed on the App, the IP assigned to the computer using the App for internet access, the internet App from which the user accessed the App, the type of operating systems in the user devices, and more.

This information is partially collected as a standard and automatic process in the application log, and additionally, is recorded and analyzed by the companies providing the App with information services and statistical analysis, such as Google Analytics, as well as app security and hacking protection services.

Why do we collect the information?​

We collect information to provide you with the App services.

The information which we collect enables us to provide you and other App users with the service, as well as ongoing activity needed for managing the App, control of what happens on it, its security, and making improvements and additions to the App. We may also use the information we collect to turn to you with notifications and provide you with additional information regarding Municipality activities. In order to contact the Municipality using the App or to carry out a particular operation using the App, you must provide the required personal details. This Policy informs you about the information we collect, what we do with the information, who we share it with, as well as additional aspects regarding it.

With whom do we share the information?​

We may share your information with various bodies connected with Municipality activities.

We share information with other companies, only as far as this sharing is necessary so as to serve our goals for collecting information. This rule may also mean that we share your information with clearing companies, which are connected with Municipality activities.

Of course we will share information if the law obligates us to do so, for example, if we receive a court order to reveal information.

Statistical and anonymous information​

Use of statistical and anonymous information will not share your details.

Statistical and anonymous information is not subject to the Protection of Privacy Law. We are permitted to collect, give over, and share information of this type without limitations. At the same time, if we use information of this type, we will not deliberately do any kind of action which can expose your identifying details.

Change in the Municipality’s corporate structure​

Even if we change our corporate structure, we will continue to operate according to this policy.

If the Municipality changes its corporate structure, this app will continue to continue with the principles of this Privacy Policy and gather and use your personal information, only in accordance with what is written in it.

Where is the information preserved?​

Your information remains with the hosting services in Israel or overseas.

The information which we collect is kept in our database, in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, which is stored in the app computer systems as well as with the hosting and data backup services, which can also be outside the borders of Israel. Additional information, as detailed in this policy, is collected and preserved by other companies (such as analysis, clearing, and similar companies). They may also preserve the information outside the borders of the State of Israel. Your agreement to this policy also serves as an agreement to preserving the information overseas.

The length of time for which we will preserve the information​

We will preserve the information about you only as much as necessary.

We preserve different types of information for different periods, in accordance with the purposes for which they are used and kept, so as to provide our services for appropriate purposes, and as required in accordance with the demands of the law. We preserve your contact details so that we can contact you, for follow up, documentation, archiving, and legal needs. At any time, you may turn to us at email  [email protected]​ and ask us to stop contacting you.

We will comply with your request, but, please note that we will continue to keep a copy of your details for legal requirements, and for documentation and archiving. We are permitted to keep non-identifying information without limit. In light of your request, we will erase or remove identifying details from information which we no longer need as identifying information.

Privacy rules for other apps​

This Privacy Policy applies only to this app. 

This Privacy Policy solely applies to using the App. The App is likely to include directing to other apps, such as the app which is used for payments. Please note that the Netanya Municipality does not manage these apps and that your use of them is subject to their usual conditions of use and privacy policy.

We recommend that you also study the policy of each app to which you are referred from our app.

Our cookie usage​

Yes, we use cookies and other means to keep information in your computer so as to manage and improve the app.

Like many other apps on the internet, we also use cookies, tags, and standard means to carry out and monitor activity on the app.

Cookies are small files which the computer/ internet server sends to the user’s computer when the user asks to see the internet app. Your device automatically erases some of the cookies when you close your browser. Other cookies continue to be saved in your computer. You can see the type of cookies that we use and their expiry dates in the “settings” of the browser which you use.

We use different kinds of cookies, for different purposes, such as improving the App and its user experience. Every browser allows you to manage your preferences regarding cookies. You can block or remove cookies – some of them or all of them. Please note that blocking or removing cookies can affect your user experience with the App. You can find further information about cookies on the internet in Wikipedia at

In addition, we will preserve local information using your browser. Keeping information regarding the actions which you carried out on the app makes it quicker to access the App the next time you enter it and it will direct you to the App actions about which you expressed interest. At any time, you can prevent the preserving of local information through the settings on your browser.

Data analysis systems​

You can prevent information being collected about you by data analysis systems. 

We use advertising and data analysis tools such as the Google Analytics or Google apps. These tools place a cookie on your computer which is controlled and managed by them. The companies which operate these tools can allow you to refrain from having them collect your information by installing an add-on to the browser, such as Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on. We should emphasize that all these apps are offered and controlled by these companies and not by us.

Privacy for children​

The App is not intended for minors and we deliberately do not collect information about them. 

This is not intended for children. We deliberately do not collect identifying information about children and minors under the age of 18. If we understand, or it will come to our knowledge, that we received or collected information about a minor, we will make sure to erase it as soon as possible. If you have reason to believe that we have such information, please turn to us at the address: and we will deal with your inquiry as soon as possible.

It is your choice​ 

You are given the choice of not receiving notifications from us.

At any time, you may ask us to stop sending you notifications by email or SMS. We will accede to your request within a reasonable amount of time, in light of the operational limitations, after receiving your request. In addition, you reserve your right awarded by law, to view the information about you, which is preserved in the app database and to demand that erroneous, mistaken or non-current details, be corrected or erased.

Information security​

We secure and protect your information. 

We implement information security systems and regulations with the aim of protecting the information from abuse or unauthorized use. These systems reduce the security dangers, but none of them offers complete security and the app systems, including the programs serving it, are not immune from problems or attacks. Therefore, we cannot commit that your information will be immune from harm or unauthorized access.

Changes in Privacy Policy​

We are permitted to change our policy and we will update you when such changes are made.

The Netanya Municipality is permitted to change, from time to time, the directives of its Privacy Policy due to the dynamic nature of the App, of the internet as a whole, and legislation and regulation which can apply to the App activity. If there are significant changes in this policy, including directives concerning the use of personal information which you gave, an announcement will be published regarding this on the App, or by email, in which we will detail the type of change and the date from which it will be made. Your agreement to this policy also serves as an agreement to any new policy about which we will inform you in advance.

During the period of the announcement and up until the new policy becomes valid, you will be given the opportunity to inform us regarding your lack of agreement, and accordingly the permission you gave to use the App will become invalid. We recommend that you update yourself from time to time regarding the privacy policy.

Conditions of use​

The Privacy Policy is part of the App conditions of use

This Privacy Policy is an inseparable part of our conditions of use for the App. We are here to help you!


If you believe that your privacy was violated with the App, we are very sorry. We would be delighted to help you and deal with your inquiry as quickly as possible. You can turn to us at: 


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