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Halat – the Netanya Development and Tourism Company, was established in 1981. The company is a municipal economic corporation, owned by the Netanya Municipality.

The company serves, among other roles, as the municipality’s “extended arm” to carry out development and construction work, according to the instructions of the mayor and chair of the board of directors, in coordination with the CEO of the municipality, city engineer, the Mei Netanya company, and various municipality divisions.

Principal goals

Initiating, developing, managing, and carrying out any public and/ or economic/ commercial project under the jurisdiction of the Netanya Municipality, which is subject to the authority and obligation of the municipality.

Initiating and/ or developing any activity and/ or carrying out any activity under the authority and obligation of the municipality, including initiating and/ or managing and/ or carrying out any development, tourism, vacation, entertainment, art, or sport activity, as well as other projects which serve the city and its visitors.

The company’s work

Managing properties including carrying out all activities and work required for their proper maintenance.

Registering real estate properties in the city, supervising them and preventing their occupation by people or bodies who are not authorized to do so.

Advice and initiatives regarding anything to do with planning and development of real estate.

Dealing with and also/ or offering guidance regarding initiating and advancing projects associated with real estate, etc.


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