Licensing Process

​The Business Licensing Department accompanies business owners in Netanya throughout the process of licensing their business and beyond. The department provides help to all types of business, from health-related, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, food, leisure and sport, and to industry and production. The department staff accompany the business owners from submitting their initial request for a business license and the preliminary examination, through communications with the relevant bodies, providing authorizations, performance tests, and up to issuing of the license.​

A request for a business license must be submitted under the following circumstances: when a new business is started, renewing a license, a change in ownership, a partner joining or leaving, a change in the name of the owners, a change in the managers of a company, a change in the essence of the business, adding or cancelling a detail, increasing or decreasing the business area, a change in the name of the business in the Registrar of Companies, or the sale of rights to a different company.

As part of process of preparing a business for licensing, please call the Netanya Municipality Business Licensing Department to receive preliminary information. The preliminary examination will save you precious resources and you will thus be able to receive initial advice before opening the business, and help in the proper planning of the business and preparing it for the next stage.

Submission of a request for a business license and completion of the application takes place at the offices of the Business Licensing Department, 22 Weizmann Street, Floor 4, Netanya. The application must be signed by the person requesting it. Should a company request a license, the application must be signed by the company’s authorized signatory and bear the company stamp. Please attach the business plan and confirmation of payment of the business licensing fee to the application.

Completing all the sections of the application together with submission of all required documentation, will ensure fast and effective processing of the request.


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