Preschool and Kindergarten Education

The Early Childhood Department is responsible for approximately 400 preschools in Netanya, attended by children aged 3-5. The department staff work with the entire spectrum of professional partners so as to help children enjoy significant and empowering learning experiences. In addition, the department is responsible for three community early childhood centers, which offer services for locating professionals, therapy, and enrichment to children from birth to aged six, and their parents.

The Early Childhood Department initiates and runs a range of educational activities and projects, including a variety of enrichment and reinforcement programs in the preschools and at other venues in the city. This is based on the wish to help the children advance, provide solutions for their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical needs, and enable them to express their natural curiosity and creativity. 

Preschool placement is usually in accordance with the accepted placement criteria: educational stream, age of child, home address, and pedagogic-educational considerations. As well as the regional preschools, Netanya boasts the region-wide Nordau preschool campus, and two hativot tseirot in the Begin and Herzog schools where kindergarten children study together with first graders.


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