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The Netanya City Museum is located in a building which was established as a weaving workshop for blind girls. The Beit Ora workshop opened its doors in 1958 and operated until 1991. 

In 2010, the Netanya Municipality decided to renovate the building and turn it into a documentation center and museum about the history of the city. The museum opened in 2011.

Permanent exhibition

The museum has a permanent exhibition about the history of Netanya, entitled “From Vision to Reality”. The permanent exhibition relates the story of the city which rose up on the sands of the Sharon region in 1929, the vision of its founders who established a moshavah of orchards in the sands of the Sharon, but envisioned a resort town – a Riviera. 

During the days of the British Mandate in Palestine, before the establishment of the state, the Netanya shores served as a destination for many ma’apilim [“illegal” immigrants] and its residents took part in the underground struggle for establishing the state.

Netanya was founded by residents of the first moshavot in the Land of Israel, but during the years after the state’s establishment, it absorbed many immigrant families, from the entire Diaspora, and it is now a varied and fascinating human tapestry – a microcosm of Israeli society.

Guided tours of the museum

The Netanya City Museum hosts programs which discuss the story of the establishment of the city of Netanya as a moshava of orchards, and its development over the years until the realization of the founders’ vision to establish a resort town on the shores of the Mediterranean. The guided tours are given by an experienced and professional staff who offer the visitors a special and fascinating learning experience.

Museum archives

The Netanya Archive is created in a continuous and constant process by documenting the memories of the city’s residents and founders – photographs, documents, physical objects, etc. City residents who have such documentation are invited to give it over for preservation and commemoration in the archive. The Netanya Archive is available to the general public, for study and research.

City tours

The Netanya City Museum conducts a variety of tours around the city on various topics: In the footsteps of leading women, green tours, a tour of the neighborhoods, tours along the coast, a market tour, the diamond trail.

The tours are held in ​various languages and to suit different ages. The tours offered include: Singing tours, theatrical tours, walking and riding tours. 

Accessibility arrangements at the museum

  • Accessible parking – yes
  • Accessible entrances and exits – yes
  • Accessible bathrooms – yes
  • Elevator (lift) – not needed
  • Accessible service point – yes


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