The Psychological Service

The Educational and Developmental Psychological Service helps advance the correct and best possible adaptation of the students in the city’s various educational systems, by providing system-wide and individual solutions to the children and educational team. 

The service includes psychologists who visit the educational frameworks and help the educational staff, students, and their parents, regarding the various issues in daily life and stressful and emergency situations. Special emphasis is placed on preventing and treating cases of suicidal tendencies and sexual abuse, as well as treating students who have experienced mourning and loss. Applications are through the preschool directors or school counsellors.

Additionally, the Psychological Service offers complementary services at affordable cost. The services are provided by an experienced staff of experts in educational and developmental psychology, and veteran psychology interns who receive guidance. The services offered within this framework include: diagnosis for skipping a grade, diagnosis of gifted students, psychodidactic assessment, psychological treatment, and parental guidance.

The service is available in Hebrew, Russian, French, English, Spanish, Persian, and Yiddish.

The Educational and Developmental Psychological Service in Netanya is one of the largest in the country. The services provided have recently been expanded, and it now offers a series of lectures to parents on a wide variety of topics (there are lectures in the preschools and community centers too), and workshops for developing parental skills to the chareidi sector, single parent families, parents of gifted children, parents of young children, parents of adolescents, etc. Groups have been opened for adolescents, for children with a sibling or parent suffering from a chronic disease, and more.


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