Business Development

​The Netanya Municipality has set itself the goal of working to develop and promote industry and entrepreneurship in the city, by creating the best possible business climate to integrate the needs of industry and commerce with those of the residents. One of the major tools for realizing this vision is the Netanya Municipality Business Development Department.

The Netanya Municipality Business Development Department works to advance and develop the city’s economy using a wide range of tools and means, including:​

  • Planning and development of existing industrial areas and potential industrial sites
  • Locating and absorbing new businesses; locating and examining business initiatives and adapting them to the municipality vision and economic growth
  • Guidance for entrepreneurs and businesses at various stages of the initiative
  • Promoting processes which contribute to maximizing municipal revenues
  • Constructi​ng efficient programs to maximize growth, and improving services offered to the city’s businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Developing international economic connections; raising funds on a local and international level
  • Supporting the introduction of tools for aiding industry
  • Creating a system of government and municipal grants to support city businesses
  • Shaping policies and building a regulatory incentives program for industrial development
  • Launching, developing, and promoting businesses in the fields of industry and commerce; promoting city businesses in the national and international arenas
  • Establishing initiatives incorporating technological developments, academic programs, and commercial infrastructures; establishing technological hothouses integrating academia and industry
  • Aiding the creation of cooperative ventures between companies and businesses in the city, to expand commercial activity; in the future, establishing and managing a business bridging and negotiations center for the benefit of the local businesses and promoting municipal cooperative ventures
  • Supervision of enforcement of competition laws in the city’s business arena
  • Support and help in receiving investment grants and research grants
  • Developing infrastructure and support for the growth of the business and industry sector in the city, including creating places of employment and encouraging businesses in the industrial areas
  • Developing human capital for industry and businesses, in cooperation with academic institutions in the city
  • Representing and advancing city initiatives and businesses in Israel and overseas
  • Organizing professional events and conferences in various areas of business and industry; developing and promoting business tourism


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