Poleg Beach

​The city's southernmost beach, "Speedo" Poleg Beach is situated next to the Black Iris Reserve and Ramat Poleg. The beach has a gourmet restaurant, buffet, changing rooms and restrooms. Motorized sea craft are permitted only in the northern zone. There is a fee for parking.

The beach is located near Ramat Poleg and the Green Beach Hotel on the southern side of Netanya City. 

The beach remained closed for many years, but with initiative from Netanya mayor, Mrs. Miriam Feirberg-Ikar, it was reopened after it was proven to be perfectly clean and safe. Ongoing supervision still goes on by sampling water from the sea and the stream four times a week.

 The beach has pavilions for shade, fitness facilities, a beach football field and volleyball. 

Bathing season in Poleg Beach begins three weeks after the official announcement from the Ministry of Interior Affairs. 

On the northern side of the beach an area is reserved for motorized marine sports including boats, jet-skis and others. A new structure was recently built for use as restrooms, showers and first aid, financed by the Ministry of Interior Affairs. 

There is a large parking lot, which is also used for motorized marine vehicle accessibility. 

On the southern side of Poleg Beach you can watch the Surfing Vacation Beach to view a lovely sight of gliders. Very often there are up to 70 gliders in the air at one time.


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