Social Activities for Olim

​The Absorption Department operates various social and cultural initiatives, to encourage the best possible absorption and successful incorporation into the community for new immigrants in Netanya. Throughout the year Netanya hosts events and performances in different languages, such as lectures on women’s empowerment, the Israeli health system, a family budgeting workshop, and coping with Aliyah crises. Likewise, several new immigrant communities operate in the city, encouraging social meetings, cultural activities, and strengthening their native language.

Senior citizens

At some of the leisure and enrichment clubs for senior citizens, there is dedicated activity for new immigrant retirees, and programs for Hebrew enrichment for new immigrant senior citizens. The clubs are situated in the residential neighborhoods around the city.

Children and youth

Every year, the Absorption Department promotes, initiates, and operates projects for new immigrant children and youth in the city. The enrichment and after-school activities vary each year subject to the number and requirements of the new immigrant students in the city. Some of the programs operate in the elementary and post-elementary schools after school hours, while others are held in the community centers. As part of the partnership of the Absorption Department and Sports Department there are designated groups for new immigrant children and youth at several centers in the city. All the activities for children and youth are subsidized by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and the Netanya Municipality.

The Ethiopian community 

"Beit Hayedidut” is a sociocultural heritage center for the Ethiopian community, intended to bridge between the older generation who immigrated from Ethiopia and the younger generation. A variety of services are available to members of the Ethiopian community, and it is also home to the municipality’s Social and Community Department. 


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