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Netanya Municipality website – Conditions of use

Welcome to the official site of the Netanya Municipality (hereinafter: “the website”). The website is managed and operated by the Netanya Municipality, which is located at: Sapir Business and Technology Park, 6 Hatzoran St, Netanya Postcode 42506 (hereinafter: “the municipality").

The website provides the general public with information about the municipality. On the website, a person can obtain information about the municipality and its units, information about what is happening in the city in various fields, and also perform actions such as submitting requests for a discount for arnona (city taxes), searching for parking tickets, etc. (hereinafter: “the services”).

This document is a binding contract between you and us – the website owners, and it determines the legal conditions regarding use of the website. Use of the website – including the content it contains and the various services operating on it – testifies to your acceptance of these conditions, and therefore you are asked to read them carefully.

These conditions apply to use of the website and the content it contains by using any computer or other communications device, such as a cellular phone.

You may send us any request or inquiry​ ​regarding these conditions at any time.

As part of these conditions, the term “content” or “contents” includes any kind of information, including any verbal, visual, vocal, audio-visual content or any combination thereof, as well as their designs, processing, editing, publishing, or ways of presenting them, including (but not only) any picture, photograph, illustration, animation, diagram, figure, image, sample, movie, voice file or music file; any program, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, database or interface, and any character, sign, symbol, or icon. 

Website use

You are hereby permitted to use the website contents, in accordance with the rules detailed hereinafter. Website content must not be used in a different way, unless you receive the advance and written explicit agreement of the municipality to do so, and in accordance with the conditions of agreement (should permission be given):

  • You are hereby authorized to use the website for private and personal purposes or for any purpose permissible by law, including for purposes of research, review for journalistic reports, teaching and testing, which is fair use of the content which is protected by copyright, according to the law. It is prohibited to copy or use, or allow others to use, in any other manner, content from the website on any other media, including other websites, electronic advertising, printed advertising, or similar, for any purpose, whether commercial or otherwise, which is not for one of the purposes detailed above.
  • It is prohibited to use the website for purposes of examination, scanning, scraping, hacking, breaking into the security systems of the website or any computer or communication system serving it, interfering with the website’s activity, circumventing the website’s defense mechanisms, carrying out manipulative activities regarding the website activity, a systematic approach to the website computers through automatic software tools such as bots and crawlers, and access to the website features or functions which are not intended to be accessible or are not documented.
  • It is prohibited to portray content from the website within a frame – revealed or hidden.
  • It is prohibited to display content from the website in any way – including using any software, device, accessory, or communication protocol – which changes its design on the website or removes any content, particularly advertising and commercial content.
  • It is prohibited to access the website or the content it contains with the goal of developing or creating a similar or competing service to that of the website, including by scraping from the website.
  • It is prohibited to provide a link to the website from any website containing pornographic content, content which encourages racism, incitement, or unacceptable discrimination, or which is illegal, or the publication of which is illegal, or which encourages illegal activity.
  • It is prohibited to provide a link to website content which is not the website’s homepage (“deep linking”) and it is prohibited to display or advertise the aforementioned content in any other way, unless the deep linking is to an entire page on the website (as is), so that it can be viewed and used in a totally identical way to the way it is used and viewed on the website. In this context, it is prohibited to link to content from the website, such that this link is detached from the internet pages where it appears on the website (for example: it is prohibited to directly link to a picture or graphic file on the website, but rather only to the entire page on which they appear). Likewise, the exact address of the website page must appear in its regular place in the user interface, for example in the status bar of the user’s browser. This address must not be changed, distorted, or hidden, and it is prohibited to change it to any other address.
  • It is prohibited to use the website for any activity which comprises or encourages the performance of actions which constitute a criminal offense, or civil wrong, or which breaches the relevant law in any other manner, including laws concerning deception, fraud, forgery, privacy protection, identity theft, tampering with computer material, spreading viruses and other hostile software, right of publicity, slander, harassment, and obscene publications.
  • The municipality is permitted to instruct you to disable any deep link as aforementioned, at its sole discretion. In such a case, the deep link will immediately be disabled and you will have no objection, demand, or claim towards the website regarding this matter.
  • These instructions do not subtract from any other instruction in the general conditions of use, nor in the online agreements accompanying the website services.
  • The municipality will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused as a result of any link to content from the website or any display or advertising of the aforementioned content in any other manner. You hereby bear full and sole responsibility for any link, display, or publication of the content made by you, and you commit to compensate the municipality for any damage caused by this.

Links on the website

It is possible that you will find on the website links to various webpages. The links enable you to find content published on the internet. Most of the content is not published by the website, or on its behalf, and the municipality has no control or supervision of it. The fact that a website links to this content does not testify to the municipality’s agreement with the content and does not serve as a guarantee of its credibility, to it having been updated, to the content owners’ practices regarding privacy, or to any other aspect of its activity. It is possible that you will find that this content does not meet your needs, or that you are opposed to the contents, or feel they are outrageous, annoying, inappropriate, illegal or unethical. The municipality is not responsible for the content of the links, nor is it responsible for any results from using them or relying upon them.

The municipality does not guarantee that the links on the website work or that they will direct you to an active website. The municipality is permitted to remove links from the website which were previously found there, or to refrain from adding new links – all in accordance with its absolute discretion.

It is possible to contact us at all times  through the online form and to report any link to another website which you believe contains offensive or illegal content. We will investigate your inquiry and decide – in accordance with our opinion – whether to leave the link or disable it. However, we will bear no responsibility in regard to the linked website, whether or not we decide to remove the link. 

Carrying out actions on the website

The website is available to all users. Through the website, you can contact the municipality, for reasons including submitting an inquiry to the Public Complaints Unit or paying municipal fees by referral to an external website. During certain activities, we will ask you to enter your details and agree to additional conditions associated with these actions.

Submitting and using your details are subject to the website privacy policy​ .

We are permitted to refuse to allow you to perform the aforesaid actions if we believe that you requested to perform them in order to commit an illegal act (e.g., impersonating someone else) or to harm others, or if your action breaches a court order, or breaches these conditions, or if we believe there is another justified reason to do so, without having to explain our decision. 

Verifying details

During certain activities which require you to submit details about yourself, or at any later stage, if we believe it necessary, we may verify your details, ask you for documents such as a photocopy of your identity card or other identification certificate, or perform further checks, whether by ourselves or with the aid of third-party services. Our decision regarding whether to enable you to perform the aforesaid activities may be dependent on this process. 

Content published on the website

We will publish articles and content connected with the municipality’s areas of activity on the website, and enable them to be viewed by all website users. Some of this content is written by the website editorial staff and some by other writers, and are offered solely for the purposes of enriching knowledge. They do not constitute professional opinions or legal advice, and should not be viewed as such. Please consult an appropriate professional before carrying out any activity which requires such consultation. 


As a rule, the website is accessible from any place in the world and from any computer connected to the internet, and reasonable efforts are made for the website to be continually accessible. However, we ourselves or through a third party on our behalf, may block access to the website from particular geographic regions, from computers using particular IP addresses, or from other sources, in order to protect the website and prevent harm to it, its users, or us. 


You may pay for various services linked to the municipality by being referred to external websites. So, for example, you can pay municipal taxes, water, sewage, veterinary vaccination fees, etc. on external sites not controlled by the municipality.

Payment will be subject to the conditions of use and privacy policies of those external websites.

At any time, we may offer services and products on the website – whether ours or those of others, free of charge or subject to payment. Such payment will be made through a credit card processing company, subject to its conditions of use and privacy policy. 

Privacy Policy

The municipality respects your privacy on the website. The website’s latest privacy policy can always be found on the website​ , and it comprises an inseparable part of its conditions of use. Since the privacy policy is subject to change, we recommend rereading the policy document from time to time. 

Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property on the website, the services offered on it, or all content included in it, belong solely to the municipality, or to a third party which allowed the municipality to use it and enable its use in accordance with its conditions of use. It is prohibited to copy, disseminate, show in public, carry out in public, to pass on to the public, to change, process, create derivative works, sell or rent out any part of the aforementioned, whether by yourself or whether through or with the cooperation of a third party, using any way or means whether electronic, mechanical, optical, photographing or recording, or using any other means or method, with the exception of permitted purposes as detailed above in the chapter which discusses permitted use of the website.

If you are unsure whether your purpose for use conforms with the permissible uses detailed in these conditions, please inquire at: The Netanya Municipality, Sapir Business and Technology Park, 6 Hatzoran St., Netanya – for the attention of the Spokeswoman's Office, to request the required permission.

Aside from the permission explicitly granted to you to use the website, as detailed in these conditions of use, you may not – nor may you allow others to – make any use of the website or any part thereof which is not granted explicitly. The symbols © and ® testify to the existence of intellectual property. Their appearance must not be altered. 

The Municipality’s Responsibility

The website content is provided for use as is and cannot be adapted for the requirements of every individual. You may make no objection, demand, or claim towards the municipality regarding the nature of the content, its capabilities, limitations, suitability for your use, or reactions that arise (if any) from publishing content on the website. 

The use of the website and its content will therefore be subject to your sole and complete responsibility

Every decision made regarding content published on this website is subject to your sole and complete responsibility. The municipality makes reasonable efforts to present correct and precise content on the website. At the same time, it cannot commit that all the content and services offered on the website, including those offered by third parties including suppliers of content and services published on the website, will be complete, correct, legal or precise at all times, or will meet your expectations and requirements.

If you encounter information which you believe to be incorrect, inexact, or outdated, you are invited to contact us regarding it, at: The Netanya Municipality, Sapir Business and Technology Park, 6 Hatzoran St., Netanya – for the attention of the Spokeswoman's Office. The municipality will try to reply with a relevant response as soon as possible.

The municipality will not bear any responsibility for any result of your use of the website content, or from relying on it. If you have decided to rely on, or act according to, content published on the website, you carry sole and complete responsibility for your actions and their results.

Problems may sometimes occur in website activity, due to issues including the operation of the website’s ISPs, software systems, or changes and maintenance which we carry out on the website. Such problems lead to inconvenience and difficulty in using the website, and we will do our very best to overcome them as quickly as possible. At the same time, we do not bear responsibility for any inconvenience or damage which may be caused as a result. 

Changes to the website and terminating the service

On occasion, the municipality may change the website structure, appearance, and design, the size and availability of the services it contains, and is permitted to demand payment for such or other content and services according to its decision, and will be permitted to change any other aspect of the website. We will publish an announcement regarding anticipated changes in the website itself, or by sending emails, in which we will detail the type of change and the date from which it will be made. Such changes will be made, among other factors, while considering the dynamic nature of the internet and the technological and other changes taking place on it. By their nature, changes of this type can involve problems and/ or initially create inconvenience etc. You will have no objection, claim, and/ or demand towards the municipality due to it making the aforementioned changes and/ or problems arising due to carrying them out.

Your agreement to these conditions of use also serves as acceptance of conditions which have been changed, although as required by law, we will request your agreement again to the new conditions of use. During the period of the announcement and up until the new policy takes effect, you will be given the opportunity to inform us regarding your lack of agreement to it, and accordingly the permission you were granted to use the website will be invalidated.

Without derogating from the aforementioned, the municipality is permitted at any given time to terminate the services provided, all or part of them. The municipality will publish an announcement regarding the termination of the services on the website, a reasonable period in advance. After the services are terminated, the municipality will keep the material stored in the website for a reasonable period of time and will then be permitted to delete it without keeping a backup and without providing additional notification of this.

Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement will be subject to the laws of the State of Israel only, without applying the conflict of law rules to determine any other governing law..

In every dispute between the parties, including a dispute regarding use of the website and/ or regarding these conditions of use, the sole jurisdiction will be given to the authorized court of law in the Tel Aviv and Central regions in Israel.

Saving information

We are permitted (but not obligated) to save information contained on the website in accordance with the details in the website privacy policy , even after you no longer use the website and even after the website has ceased operating. Since we will not necessarily save the information, we recommend that you copy and save any information which is important for you to save.

Contact us

The municipality ensures it complies with the law and respects the rights of those using the website. If you believe that content published on the website harms you for any reason, please contact us​ according to the details below and we will try to address your inquiry as quickly as possible. 

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