Quality and Strategic Planning

​The Netanya Municipality Quality and Strategic Planning Department was established in 2000, with the goal of creating and integrating a general quality system to document, improve, and check organizational work processes. Over the course of three years, all the municipal work processes were written, and all municipality administrations were authorized to the ISO 9001:2000 standard of accreditation.

Department work

  • The municipality submits itself annually for the checks by the Standards Institution of Israel, according to a detailed plan: subject to the Quality and Strategic Planning Department, a staff of internal quality controllers carry out methodical internal quality control checks over the course of the year.
  • Creating an collection of accepted practices and w​​orking regulations which is constantly updated, as a base for a range of municipal work processes
  • Managing the municipal statistics information system using the CityPedia business intelligence system – which manages several databases, such as: the population registry, the CBS data, city taxes figures, transportation figures, and the hotel industry
  • Likewise, the information and data are also managed on a geographic basis – GIS – the figures are displayed to the public on the municipal website, using the mini CityPedia system. Click here to see the mini CityPedia system
  • Once a quarter, an updated statistical report, which presents a wide range of data on the municipal neighborhoods level, is publicized 
  • Managing a quality system of 7 standards, with authorization for the Diamond Mark – the Netanya Municipality is authorized to receive 7 quality standards which award it the Diamond Mark from the Standards Institution of Israel. The 7 standards are:
  1. Quality management systems ISO 9001: 2015
  2. Environmental management systems ISO 14001: 2015
  3. Energy management systems ISO 5001
  4. Safety and Hygiene ISO 18001
  5. Social responsibility management system SI 10000
  6. Knowledge management system SI 25006
  7. Information Security Management ISO 27001
  • Managing municipal work plans
  • Support, advice, and guidance for employees and managers in writing the annual work plan in the computerized system
  • Examining the status of the plans twice yearly
  • Producing an annual municipal work plan book. 
  • Producing a work plan conference in the presence of the mayor, municipality director general, and managers
  • Service Level Agreement – Writing and updating the municipal service level agreement. Supervision and control of the status of meeting determined deadlines.


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