The Netanya Municipality has set itself the goal of working to develop and promote industry and entrepreneurship in the city, by creating the best possible business climate to integrate the needs of industry and commerce with those of the residents. 

The Netanya Municipality Business Development Department works to advance and develop the city’s economic activity using a broad range of tools and methods, including:

  • planning and development of existing industrial areas and sites for the manufacturing industry
  • locating and absorbing new businesses, guidance for entrepreneurs and businesses
  • development of international economic ties
  • establishment of innovation hothouses in association with academia and industry
  • support and help for receiving investment and research grants
  • organization of professional events and conferences in various commercial and industrial fields
  • development and promotion of business tourism, etc.

Business Licensing​

​The Business Licensing Law in Israel determines that a wide range of types of business are required to obtain a business license, including restaurants, butcher stores, coffee shops, fruit and vegetable stores, kiosks, bakeries, stores selling confectionery, ice cream, cakes, and soft drinks, workshops, factories, street vendors, garages, and more.

According to the law, there are several types of businesses which are exempt from obtaining a business license, including lawyers, accountants and similar, various types of clinics, exercise studios, meeting rooms, schools, preschools, software companies, etc. There are also several kinds of businesses in the field of commerce which do not require a business license, including: selling toys and games, selling new replacement vehicle parts, housewares, stationery, etc.

The Netanya Municipality operates according to the Authority Specification for business licensing – which unifies the documents and general and specific conditions required from someone who wishes to obtain or renew a business license. 

It should be noted that operating a business without a license and without a preliminary examination by the Business Licensing Department puts the business in danger of having the late request rejected and legal procedures, to the point of a closure order being issued.


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