The leaders of Netanya view education as a central lever for change, and therefore education in the city is awarded much attention and investment. The educational challenge in Netanya is enormous, since the city’s population is heterogeneous and extremely polarized, and the vision of Netanya’s education system includes educational and values-led solutions for the entire spectrum of the population’s needs, taking into consideration the city’s unique diversity. 

The solutions are directed at all our clients: students, parents, and the community, and enable equal opportunities, the greatest possible utilization of potential, and striving for excellence.  

The primary goals for Netanya’s education system include: nurturing the best possible educational climate and child protection, combining informal education with additional supportive systems within formal education, promoting scholastic achievements and preventing dropout, values-led education, nurturing leadership and contributing to the community, encouraging initiatives to develop student excellence, high quality management, with an emphasis on an environment which is well-maintained and suited to the educational challenges and more.

To succeed in this task and meet the targets we have set ourselves, the education system runs various projects which allow it to provide solutions tailored to each student’s needs, allowing every student to make the very most of his or her abilities.


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