Youth and Young Adults

​The Division for the Advancement of Youth and Young People is responsible for the development and operation of frameworks for activities and projects for the empowerment and personal development of youth. 

As part of its philosophy of the educational continuum being “from morning to night”, the division runs shared activities for both formal and informal education, manages a range of activities for youth during the afternoon hours, strengthens the activities of the youth movements and works to encourage young people to join them, holds unique programs during the summer and holiday vacations, works to reinforce the connection between youth and the community through a system of training and placement of young people in volunteer positions, and more.

The department also encourages young people to serve in the IDF, working holistically: accompanying young people from their first summons, during the service itself, and until release from the army – after which full services are provided to continue with civilian life through the Youth Division. 


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