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​16 classes and 6 branches operate in the city's neighborhoods and provide various levels of Hebrew study services ranging from Ulpan-A through Business oriented Hebrew, using sophisticated technological means, such as computing and an audio room. The Ulpan is intended for immigrants, tourists, business people and embassy personnel who wish to study Hebrew.

The Netanya International Ulpan​

The Netanya International Ulpan is a school for learning Hebrew, intended mainly for new immigrants, but also suitable for veteran residents, tourists, and anyone interested in gaining a better mastery of Hebrew.

The Netanya International Ulpan is one of the largest Hebrew ulpans in Israel. The Ulpan teaching staff is skilled and experienced in teaching Hebrew as a second language, and receives training and pedagogic guidance from the Absorption Department. The Ulpan is situated in the city center, close to the Netanya promenade and the seashore, and it is easy to reach by foot, public transportation, and car.

The purpose of the Ulpan studies is to teach those studying there the various language skills, so they will be able to function in daily life in Israel, and take their place in employment, society, and culture.

The curriculum includes around 500 hours of study, during which the Ulpan students learn around two levels of Hebrew, with the emphasis on communications and speech. The Ulpan teachers use a variety of teaching methods and also use digital study methods and an online newspaper in easy Hebrew.

Contact details:

Ulpan manager:

Irit Sher, Tel: 09-8341223.

Administrative Director:

Michael Lifshitz, Tel: 052-5799040/1.

Address and Tel: 

71 Rav Cook street (the corner of Shlomo Hamelech and Yehuda Hanasi), Tel: 09-8341223.

Office hours:

8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Sunday - Thursday.​​​

Conversion (Giur) Ulpan

​Conversion courses including Jewish Studies, Jewish Identity and Cultural Heritage

  • Judaic studies for conversion purposes
  • Locating sponsor families and teaming them up with potential converts for guidance during their studies
  • Shabbatot in Jerusalem for solidification, getting to know the Shabbat and lectures
  • Trips throughout the year to strengthen the connection to Homeland and Zionism

Contact details:​


Leah/Shira, Tel. 052-7710508


71 Rav Cook street (the corner of Shlomo Hamelech and Yehuda Hanasi)​.


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