Traffic Committee

The Traffic Committee is responsible for discussing and making decisions regarding all issues relating to traffic infrastructure and arrangements in Netanya. 

Committee activities​

For everything to do with determining or changing traffic arrangements in the city, the committee serves as the consultation and recommendation body. Its decisions require authorization from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and/ or the local signage authority.

The committee meets monthly and discusses everything connected with traffic and safety arrangements for traffic throughout the city, such as putting up signs, changes in traffic arrangements, public transportation in the city, geometric changes – traffic circles, junctions, speed humps, etc.

The issues discussed by the committee are initiated by the municipality, and as a result of residents’ requests.

The committee’s work is divided into three main frameworks:

  • Local committee – signage throughout the city
  • Central committee – public transportation
  • People with disabilities committee – disabled parking bays, both general and private

Committee Members 

Chair – the Deputy Mayor, Director of the Road Safety Service, a police representative, a representative from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, representatives from the municipality, municipality traffic consultants, and participants invited as needed, such as Egged, Metropolitan, etc.


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