Post-Elementary Education

The junior high and high schools in Netanya offer a wide range of tracks, allowing every student an appropriate solution to his or her needs. The department strives to develop a spectrum of educational initiatives which are suitable for students from different backgrounds and with differing abilities, and aspires to enable every student to make the most of his or her talents.

In recent years, the Education Administration has developed various and varied pedagogic initiatives which are aimed at utilizing each student’s abilities to the fullest – whether they are gifted and excel, or require reinforcement and support. This initiative has included the development of projects for enrichment and nurturing excellence, the lengthening of the school day, providing reinforcement and support for matriculation tests, coping with learning disabilities, and enrichment in the values-led field.

All junior high and high schools have sporting facilities, libraries, and up-to-date computer and multimedia laboratories, taking their place in the learning processes. The post-elementary schools in Netanya have had amazing achievements in recent years and been awarded prestigious prizes in all areas of study.


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