Special Education

Netanya’s Special Education Department provides solutions for children with special needs aged 3-21, within the framework of special education, in and outside the city, and works to help advance them within the various educational frameworks with the goal of enabling them to realize their abilities and take their place in society.

The department includes an Eligibility and Characterization Committee which discusses the eligibility of students to receive special education services, and the basket of services which they receive. The right to transportation is dependent on the characterization of the eligibility of each student of special education, and according to the Ministry of Education regulations. Applications for a hearing at the Eligibility and Characterization Committee are made by March 31 each year. The Final Placement Committee works to place every student with the right to special education services in a suitable educational framework for their needs, and as close as possible to their home.

The department also includes a Mati (Municipal Support Center) – the body which coordinates support for students with special needs who attend the official educational institutions and the “unofficial but recognized” schools, and also provides therapeutic solutions to the students from the various frameworks during the afternoons. The Center also helps students from the regular education system with special medical needs.


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