Engineering Administration

​The Netanya Municipality Engineering Administration is comprised of five departments: the City Planning Department, the Construction Licensing and Supervision Department, the Town Planning and Betterment Tax Department, the Infrastructure Coordination and Planning Department, and the Public Buildings Department. 

The Administration is involved in several fields, including: 

  • City planning – detailed, specific plans; plans for a specific issue, and the city outline plan
  • Building licensing – from submitting information for planning purposes, through guidance and advice regarding the planning, and up to dealing with building permits and authorizations to complete construction
  • Enforcement – enforcement of building laws and approval for the Land Registry Office.

The Engineering Administration incorporates specialization in a range of professional areas, including: building engineering, architecture and city planning, infrastructure engineering, gardening and landscape planning, the environment, the law, and computerization. 

The administration’s work is one of the most important sources of revenue for the municipality, particularly for carrying out the city’s development plans, and allows the collection of development and betterment levies, and revenue from government ministries and public obligations. 

Netanya 2035 – From Vision to Reality​

Netanya’s outline plan Net 2035 – the plan is the initiative and vision of Mayor Miriam Fierberg-Ikar, and lays down the principles and trends for planning the city in the coming decades. 

The plan includes 16 policy documents, which serve as the basis for preparing the outline plan – the preparation of which took seven years – in cooperation and with full coordination with government ministries and the planning institutions. 

The vision is strengthening Netanya’s position as a vacation spot, offering quality of life alongside preservation of the environment, while forging ahead socially, educationally, culturally, and economically. 

Within the framework of the outline plan, the city’s population – which is currently around 240,000 residents – will increase to approximately 350,000 residents. The number of housing units, currently around 70,000, will increase according to the plan to around 110,000 units. This is along with the percentage of construction almost doubling. 

There will also be a significant increase in employment, with a doubling in the areas for employment – currently around 3,000,000 square meters and reaching 6,000,000 square meters for employment in 2045, with over 4,000,000 square meters during the intermediary stage (2035). In addition, the plan provides clear guidelines regarding municipal planning, and also increases the areas intended for public institutions to approximately 2,800 dunams (2.8 square kilometers). 

Likewise, the manner in which 7,000 hotel rooms will be dispersed is defined, together with expansion of the beaches, and building attractions appropriate for Netanya – the Israeli Riviera – along their length. 

The plan also proposes increasing the open spaces in the city by more than 500 dunams (500,000 square meters), for public benefit, in addition to the open spaces with which the city is already blessed, which also include four nature reserves.


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