People with Disabilities and Their Families

The Unit for the Treatment of People with Disabilities and their Families offers services to people with physical, sensory, communicative, and intellectual disabilities who have been recognized by the National Insurance Institute of Israel as being disabled with the relevant disorders at a rate of at least 40%, or who have been recognized by a Diagnostic Committee of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services or the Autism Services. The Unit’s help is offered to the entire family, and guidance is given from the moment the disability is diagnosed, sometimes soon after birth, and until old age.

The educational and rehabilitation frameworks are spread throughout Israel. In early childhood, young children with disabilities attend regular child day care centers with a shadow aide or one of the rehabilitative day care centers operated by the municipality. In Netanya, there are 48 preschools and 3 schools for special education, treating the entire spectrum of disabilities. Adults with disabilities meet at social rehabilitation day centers and are integrated in employment on the free market or within the Ma’as network. The city places special emphasis on physical accessibility to services and facilities in the city, including cultural facilities and beaches.


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