Regaim- The Netanya Association for Informal Education

The Association for Informal Education (NPO) is a municipal infrastructure with a wealth of possibilities for efficient use of leisure time, with the goal of leverage toward personal advancement, community development, and a window of opportunity for the city’s residents in fields related to supplementary education, academic education, enrichment, empowerment, and leisure activities.

The Netanya Association for Informal Education operates as a non-profit, and thanks to the municipality’s support and cooperation with government ministries and voluntary organizations, it can offer its services at accessible prices. The association works to tailor its services to the varying needs of the city’s residents.

Centers of activity

The Netanya library network, which offers a diverse world of intellectual experiences and a home for communal and social meetings. For more information on The Netanya library network- click here.

Thirty-three community, sport, and leisure centers scattered around the city and its neighborhoods, which serve as a home to the community and widespread, professional club activities.

A wide variety of after-school child care facilities and vacation day camps around the city and in its neighborhoods.

A municipal college offering education to discharged soldiers and adults – studies from basic education and completing 12 years of schooling, to a school for acquiring a bagrut certificate, professional training, or a degree through the Open University of Israel.

The Unit for Jewish Culture – activities for children, adolescents, and adults on a variety of topics – teaching Jewish values, nurturing heritage and culture, and deepening the connection to the Land of Israel, the Jewish nation, and the Zionist enterprise.

The Municipal Chess School and Club – learning to play chess and league teams, including a team in the Israel National League.

The Well House – a structure to preserve the story of the first 20 years of Netanya’s history. For more information The Well House museum- click here.


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