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The Mei Netanya (2003) Ltd. company was established in 2003 as a water and sewerage corporation, in accordance with the directives of the Water and Sewerage Corporations Law, passed by the Knesset in 2001. According to this law, every local authority in Israel is obligated to establish a water and sewerage corporation which will operate separately from the local authority and enable the upgrading of water and sewerage infrastructures, and improving the service. 

The company provides water and sewerage services to over 200,000 Netanya residents. 

The Netanya Municipality was one of the first authorities in Israel to decide on the establishment of a water and sewerage company, and Mei Netanya was recognized as a national model for water and sewerage companies. 

The company was even awarded a NIS 50 million grant from the Ministry of Finance. Over the past decade, Mei Netanya has invested around NIS 300 million in upgrading the city’s water and sewerage infrastructures.


Mei Netanya meets the directives of the Gold Seal and four ISO 9001 standards. The company provides water of very high quality, as expressed in all the checks for water quality carried out by the Ministry of Health and the authorized authorities. The Standards Institution of Israel has awarded Mei Netanya its Gold Seal, testifying to extremely high quality to international standards, regarding a broad range of services which the company provides in many areas of activity. 

To view water quality reports​- click here​.

Dealing with wastewater

In addition to its treatment of water, the company deals with around 14 million cubic meters of wastewater annually, which comes from Netanya. All of Netanya’s wastewater is collected for recycling, preserving the environment in which we live. 

The company’s vision

The company’s vision is to be Israel’s leading corporation regarding service, quality of management, and the level of development and maintenance of the water and sewerage infrastructure.


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