The Netanya tribe’s bonfire celebrates a happy, green and safe Lag BaOmer

תאריך 16/05/2024
The Netanya Municipality, which works for environmental protection and which has signed a convention to reduce air pollution and protect the environment
Is calling on you, dear residents, to reduce and hold joint bonfires or, alternatively, to celebrate with a fun event without a bonfire .​
  • Lighting bonfires is strictly prohibited in the following areas: All of the beaches and promenades (including barbecues), public parks, the Iris Reserve, the Winter Lake, the Oak Forest, the Greental mountains, the Kfar Netter dunes, the industrial zones, the memorial area at Beit Yad Labanim, the Victory Memorial, the Holocaust Commemoration Train Car Site, and the Sculpture Garden
  • Invite more people and reduce the fire
  • You don’t have to light a bonfire! You can also celebrate with activities and games
  • If you did decide to light a bonfire, please have it only in clean and open public areas
  • Please use only natural wood and dry leaves
  • It is prohibited to throw flammable and dangerous materials onto the fire (plastic, wooden furniture, tires, etc.) which cause air pollution and harm the health of both people and animals
  • Please use non-disposable dishes and healthy refreshments
  • Make sure that you have completely extinguished the fire
  • ​Please leave the place clean of litter


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